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Welcome to Multi Lingual Services!

Multi Lingual Services is proud to be associated with our language professionals who are the most experienced interpreters in their chosen field. Coming from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, they draw on their unique and wide range of languages, therefore endeavouring to find the best solutions for your interpreting needs.

MLS has access to a group of highly skilled and experienced professional interpreters across Sydney and Australia, thus ensuring outstanding results every time with a minimum of fuss on your part.

The aim of our organisation is to facilitate contact between yourself who require interpreting services of the highest standards and those who can deliver such outcomes in the most professional manner. Our interpreters are proven practitioners who have successfully undertaken many high-level assignments in a wide range of areas. They all have degrees and/or NAATI professional accreditation/recognition as well as other advanced professional or vocational qualifications related to the interpreting field.

All interpreters employed by MLS operate under the AUSIT Code of Ethics, the standard rules of conduct for the interpreting profession in Australia.

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